Learn More.  Protect Fowler. 

Keep Eagle Country Alive, Not Wind Turbine Country!

Go to the wind links and learn the facts about,

  • Noise
  • Shadow flicker
  • Health Effects & Safety
  • Property Value Destruction 

After performing just a little research, you will understand that your quality of life will change when living around an Industrial Wind Zone.  Talk to your neighbors, especially the landowners, to see if they leased their land.  As a citizen of Clinton County you have the right to protect yourself and the Clinton County Planning & Zoning department must protect all citizens!

The two Clinton County Townships targeted for commercial wind turbine zones are Dallas & Bengal.  Economics of Scale proves these two townships will not be the only two.  It’s just the start within Clinton County and wind companies love favorable ordinances, and uninformed or money hungry landowners.   

We need,

  • Safe Setbacks: 3,000' for the 400' tall turbines to start
  • Day & Nighttime Noise Regulations 
    • 40 decibels (7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.) & 30 decibels (10:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M.)
    • Measured at poperty line of non-participating parcel
  • Property Protection Clauses for homeowners & vacant land owners
  • Multiple of wind turbine height for setback.  Fowler wind turbines are 460'+

Remember, a good neighbor would not neglect their neighbors!

Check out these additional links to find out more information about commercial grade wind turbines!

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What's Being Said


Here's the comments we have heard about the planned Fowler wind turbines.  It's very unfortuante, but the preceiption towards Fowler is very negative.

  • Wind turbines are for poor rural areas
  • Fowler is a poor uneducated area and that's why they are getting wind turbines
  • Fowler will just be a dump.  Sell now why you can!
  • I am glad its that area and not by my house
  • Clinton County Planning & Zoning Board:  "I feel sorry for the people affected"
  • The rural areas are the place for wind turbines.  They need to help the city people out.  Let's face it, its a crapy area anyway.